This is bens new frame, should be built up very soon. Its another Stuart Frith custom job in T45.
Angled brake bosses, weight reduced head tube and bottom bracket shell. You can contact Stuart by e.mailing him
The beardie fool is Ben.......


This bike is Bens previous steed, as you can see he knows what he likes so the new one is just a slight refinement of this one
. The frame was built by Stuart Frith who is an a damn good rider and an even better welder/engineer.
The frame is made entirely of T45 carbon manganeese steel tube which is vastly superior to ordinary 4130 chromoly.
If you would like a custom frame building by Stuart (who is an aerospace certified welder) you can contact him via e.mail

Ben runs a left hand drive set-up.

If you have a question, and you cant find the answer on the site then you can mail me direct by clicking HERE

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