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The HOMER hub was first introduced in early 1998. Since then it has proved itself as the worlds best again and again.
No-one knows how long a Homer hub will last, most of those first hubs are still going strong, many still on their first set of bearings, but with a lifetime guarantee on the axle against bending or snapping its not something you need to worry about. In the five years that Homer hubs have been around only ONE axle has ever snapped and how that happened is still a mystery.

They come in a staggering range of sizes to suit all tastes.

Choose your axle size first. All Homer axles fit a 20mm bearing but are threaded for either 3/8" (10mm) or 9/16" (14mm) bolts. For normal 3/8" (10mm) dropouts choose the 3/8" bolted version, for oversize 14mm dropouts choose the 9/16" version. It should not be necessary to make any alterations to the frame, the hub should slip straight in.

Then choose front or rear.

Next choose what freewheel thread you want (if its a rear). There are two basic thread sizes. Metric 30mm which fits 14tooth (and traditional 15 tooth) freewheel. Or Imperial which fits 16 tooth and above (also the new AC racing special 15 toothers). Several companies will soon be making 13 tooth freewheels to fit the metric size too.

Then choose left or right hand drive. Left hand drive hubs use a left hand thread and can only be used with ACS Southpaw freewheels.

Lastly choose Black anodised or classic Silver Anodised finish according to taste.

Typical weights are:-  Rear; 512g.  Front 489g.

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