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The MARMOSET hub was developed due to enormous public pressure to make a 36 hole front hub.
I have always resisted making a 36 spoke hub (though I did make some in the early days) because running a 36 requires much greater care be taken to keep the spokes tight and even. But over the last few years a lot of riders have bugged me to make a 36 hole front hub and have proved that they can make it last by looking after their wheels.
So finally, I am proud to announce the launch of the MARMOSET 36 hole ULTRA-LIGHT-WEIGHT front hub.
The MARMOSET uses exactly the same axle and bolts as the Monkey hub (3/8" bolts to fit normal small dropouts). Machined from 7075 T6 aluminium but with stainless steel helicoils to support the axle bolts. This is a light weight axle you CAN run pegs with without being paranoid about bending it.
As in the 48 hole Monkey hub this axle is suitable for ramp, park and all but the hardest street use. But even if you dont use pegs this hub may appeal simply because it weighs just 8.9ounces!
(If not being used with pegs shorter axle bolts can be substituted for those included with the hub. This will get the weight down below 9ounces.)

Popular Front Hubs
8.9ounces   253g
Odyssey Vandero
11.5ounces   325g
Primo Pro LF
12.5ounces   350g
Profile Mini *
8ounces   230g
Tree front 36
10.5ounces   300g
MONKEY (48 hole)
11.8ounces   335g

*The Profile Mini hub is slightly lighter but not guaranteed for use with pegs.

The MARMOSET hub is available in all black or limited edition colours and comes with BLACK collars.

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