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The MONKEY hubs were developed to be a lighter alternative for people who still want super smooth strong wheels but dont pound their pegs as hard.
Allowing greater weight saving than most 36 spoke wheels, retaining the huge strength advatages of 48's, and with an axle that; whilst not as strong as a Homer axle; is at least the equal of a normal 14mm axle, but in a 3/8" fitting to suit light weight frame and forks. You can run pegs on this axle and, provided you aren't a total street thrasher, never have to replace it.

All this was achieved by developing a new aluminium axle.
The MONKEY uses the standard HOMER shell and bearings so if necessary it can always be turned into a HOMER by fitting the axle and collars. This picture shows the Monkey axle (on the left) and its gold anodised aluminium collars next to the standard 3/8" Homer axle (on the right).

The MONKEY axle and collars are aluminium.
To make this work and last the axle threads are fitted with a stainless-steel helicoil which means that the thread is still steel.
Look closely at this picture and you can see the high tensile Helicoil.

The trade off with the MONKEY is that the axle is NOT guaranteed for life like the HOMER or VANDAL and owners must treat the hub with just a little more respect.

The pay off is a weight of just 335g for the front and 388g for the rear.

The MONKEY is available in black or silver and as a front or rear, with freewheel fittings to suit any size and side.
The front also comes with gold anodised aluminium collars as shown.

NOW also available as axle kits to convert normal Homer hubs into full MONKEY hubs with ALL the weight savings.

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