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The VANDAL hub was developed specifically to tackle one problem. Flange damage. I had already done everything I could to improve the strength of the flanges on the Homer hub, they were as thick as possible and still be able to use normal spokes. The Vandal goes beyond this by using special custom made British stainless steel spokes with a longer elbow  to fit through the 50% thicker flange. The weight gain is negligable but the flange strength is drastically increased.
To be honest the VANDAL hubs are overkill for most riders. A Homer hub with a G.L.A.N.D. should be plenty strong enough for any rider but if you spend most of your time slamming your spokes into objects then it may be the choice for you.

vandal comparason
This picture shows the Vandal (left) next to the ordinary Homer (right). Homer flanges are already thick, the Vandal flanges take it to a whole new level.

 Vandal runs on all the same parts as the Homer, it uses the same oversize sealed cartridge bearings that have made the Homer so famous; the same lifetime guaranteed axle with the proven bolted configuration; and is available in all the same sizes and colours.

The special spokes are made right here in the UK from stainless steel and are of a similar quality to good quality spokes like DT swiss. They are only available in 182mm lengths but this will suit all currently available rims if built 4-cross.

Every Vandal hub comes with 50 spokes included in the price, spares are available in any quantity and for emergency repairs most brands of spoke can be forced to fit.
PLEASE NOTE; The Vandal spokes are standard 14 gauge the same as most ordinary spokes they just have a longer elbow section. They are no THICKER than normal so there is very little extra weight.

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