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G-Sport is a U.K. based company, so you should have no problems getting the products in the UK.

Custom Riders
do UK and EC mail order.

For overseas customers things can be more difficult, but these two fine mail order specialists can probably help.

Empire BMX
USA customers can now also find the full range of G-Sport products at EmpireBMX.
Flatlandfuel stocks the more flatland friendly stuff like the Monkey hub and brake parts. Both these rider owned companies give outstanding service and value.

The on-line shop has now been suspended as things move over to Odyssey's strong network of distributors and dealers. Please bear with us during the change over and if you have any problems get in touch.
G-Sport products should be available from worldwide Odyssey dealers by the early summer.  

If you have any doubts or queries about using these fine retailers please feel free to mail me by clicking here.

If you have a question, and you cant find the answer on the site then you can mail me direct by clicking HERE

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